Borers are pest which can damage any kind of wood. They usually attack old furniture and structural timber, wood floors or any other wooden object. Adults lay their eggs in wood cracks while larvae dig their way deep into wood where they feed, creating a maze of tunnels. If not treated on time, the larvae can substantially weaken the timber, causing structural failure.

The first signs of a borer infestation are small, oval holes in wood and a fine powder coming form it with some barrel-shaped clumps in it.

It is much cheaper and less labour intensive to prevent an infestation. This is why we highly recommend that all timbers are treated before assembly. If, however, the infestation occurs, the most effective measure you can undertake is hiring a trained professional to deal with your borer problem.

Worried about wood borers? Call immediately the real experts when it comes to pest control in Melbourne.

Our borer treatment programs include spraying and brushing methods, using the most efficient, environmentally friendly chemicals. We also inject chemicals into the holes to exterminate larvae and stop the infestation. To cover the full borer lifecycle, it is highly recommended that the initial treatment is followed by two more at 12 month intervals.



Textile PestsTextile pests are insects that damage silk, wool, animal hair, feathers and paper products as they feed on their main constituent, the natural protein – keratin. They attack clothes, carpets and fabrics made of these natural materials, sometimes even stored food.

 About ten different species of these pests are identified in Australia; however, only a few are commonly encountered, including clothes moth, carpet beetle and silverfish. Clothes moths can be found in the humid, coastal areas, while carpet beetles are more common inland.

Textile pests do not pose any danger to humans or animals. However, they can ruin your clothes and furniture in search for the perfect place for laying their eggs. They look for dark locations, such as attics and basements, where you can find them in the folds of fabrics or in corners. They come into your properties flying through open doors and windows or via infested products. 

Adult textile pests are easy to spot when they fly around the room or rest on surfaces. Unfortunately, once you notice one, it is very likely that your whole property has been infested which can lead to substantial damages to your clothes and furniture.

As the use of common pesticides, in most cases, is not very effective in treating a textile pest infestation, your problem can be easily solved with the help of pest control professional.

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WildlifeAustralia has a wide range of wildlife species, including some that can cause damages to the materials and structure of buildings, crops and plants. They can also potentially pose risks to human’s health by biting and scratching by which some wildlife diseases can be transmitted. The most common animals which can pose threats to your properties are feral cats, rabbits, foxes and possums.

DIY methods are not usually recommended as they can be dangerous for a person who carries them out. They can also affect non-target animals, such as pets and other harmless species. So, in case of any wildlife control, it is very important that you hire a trained professional who is knowledgeable about the habits and habitats of each pest animal.

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Our wildlife control programs are conducted by specialists qualified to the highest standards.  Each species require different methods of exclusion, termination or removal. This is why our professionals perform detailed inspections and assessments to be able to determine the fastest and most effective treatment program. And, regardless of the method, rest assured knowing that all equipment and products we use are completely safe for your families, clients and pets.

We also provide annual preventive and maintenance service.

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