Crawling Insects


Ants are the most common pests that attack buildings. They can enter through the smallest cracks in search for food and water. Unfortunately, they like the same food as we do particularly sweet or greasy substances. This is why they mostly appear in our kitchens and storerooms first; however they can nest anywhere in and around a property, from lawns, walls to even concrete slabs, infesting the entire building.

Garden and black house ants are the most common species, but there are also various ones that can infest your living and working spaces in Australia, such as: Argentine ants, bulldog or bull ants, coastal brown ants, ghost ants, pavement ants, pharaoh’s ants and whitefooted house ants.

Each ant species has different colony systems; therefore, it is crucial to know which species you are dealing with to be able to eradicate them efficiently and for good. Also, many do it yourself treatments can solve the problem only temporary. For more permanent solutions, make sure you hire a team of professionals.

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Our professionals will provide you with the quickest and most effective solutions, targeting specific ant species. They use the latest techniques and products, from repellent and non-repellent liquid insecticide to insecticidal baits, granules and dusts. Get rid of ants for years to come in a perfectly safe way for your children and pets.



bed bugsBed bugs are small, terrifying insects fed by human and animal blood. They can be found under mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, sometimes even behind skirting and wallpapers and within bed frames and other furniture. Unfortunately, they travel easily, so do not be surprised to find them anywhere where people gather, from homes, offices, hotels, to schools, shops and even public transportation.

Bed bugs cannot transmit any diseases; however, they can cause you to develop an allergy or even anaemia. So, if you spot any red dots on your skin, it may happen that your properties are infested by them and this situation requires your immediate reaction.

However, bed bugs are not only difficult to identify, but also eliminate. Having them in one room probably means that the rest of your property is also infested. And once the infestation becomes severe, the only solution is to hire a team of professionals.

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We will assess your properties and implement the most effective bed bug treatment solutions so we rid you of the infestation as quickly and easily as possible. Please note that early detection is crucial in preventing a more severe infestation. So, do not hesitate, get in touch with us now!



cockroachesCockroaches are the most common pests found in Melbourne. They are known to be nocturnal, hiding away in cracks near waste deposits or in kitchens. They emanate unpleasant odours and some can even produce clicking noises. They come into your houses through cracks, sewers or pipe drains. You can even bring them in on products from groceries or any other places.

Cockroaches always look for food, water, warmth. This is why your homes are their ideal environment for nesting all year round. Moreover, they multiply rapidly and for every one you see, be sure that there are many hiding and reproducing behind your walls.

Many diseases, such as: Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastro – enteritis as well as childhood asthma and eczema are associated with cockroach skins, droppings and dead bodies.

Due to their ability to reproduce quickly, their resilience and hiding places, Do It Yourself methods are usually ineffective. This is why, even for less severe infestations, it is essential that you hire a pest control expert.

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Our professionals use the latest technologies and products to be able to find the quickest and most effective solutions for eliminating cockroaches, regardless of the stages of their lifecycles. They will determine the extent of the infestation and carry out all the necessary assessments to help you get rid of these most annoying pests for years to come.



fleasFleas are ones of the most common household pests, especially if you or your neighbours have pets. They are fed by blood and can easily move from one host to another (an animal or person) as they are able to jump long distances. Flea bites usually leave red, irritated bites on the skin, which, in most cases, are not dangerous. However, sometimes their bites can cause an allergic reaction and, rarely, can pass on diseases such as parasitic warms.

There are many evident signs indicating flea presence: seeing your pets scratching and grooming themselves, finding itchy bite marks on your skin or flea dirt in pet beds, rugs, carpets and other areas where your pets rests. Moreover, if your bedding has not been washed and changed for a long time, you may also find flea eggs and larvae in beds and bedding.

Flea infestations require detailed treatment plans. Using popular products for controlling fleas will help you get rid of adult fleas only. If, however, you want to root out the infestation completely and for good, a thorough inspection and effective flea treatment should be carried out by a pest control expert.

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Our professionals will conduct a detailed check up of your property to identify areas where the immature stages of fleas reside and find the quickest and most effective solution for eradicating the infestation. Please note that all our treatments are safe for your family and pets.



spidersA few thousand of spider species have been identified throughout Australia and some of them are recognised as the most dangerous ones. They can easily get into properties which is not only stressful and disruptive because of their webbing, but also risky for residents if they get bitten.

Having one or two spider webs does not necessarily mean that your property is infested by spiders. Make sure you remove them immediately which will not only obstruct spiders’ activity, but also help you find out when the new webs are created. However, if you see a lot of webs and spiders around your property, it is very likely that they nest inside and that your place is severely infested.

Spiders can survive for months without any food or water. They usually hide in dark areas. This is why they are difficult to spot and even more difficult to get rid of.

Spotted spiders around your property? Call immediately the real experts when it comes to pest control in Melbourne – Pest Control Service Melbourne.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your property and come up with a specific treatment plan to eliminate the spiders for years to come. To be able to treat the problem in the quickest and most successful way, we will create the treatment program based on the spider species and implement it in the most effective areas.



silverfishSilverfish are able to survive in most climates; they are nocturnal and can run fast. They normally reside in dark, damp, warm and humid places such as kitchens, bathrooms, attics, garages and sheds and feed on carbohydrates and proteins. This is why their favourite sources of food are cellulose, glue in books, linen, silk, dried beef, oats as well as dead insects.

To be able to control silverfish, their feeding habits should be understood. They can wander looking for food for a while; however, once it’s found, they tend to remain close to the source.

Silverfish damage to paper and fabric goods can be considerable. They bite holes and leave yellow stains which can both damage your clothes and favourite books.

As silverfish develop rapidly in humid environments, one of the first preventive measures against them is to control humidity. Moreover, there are many traps and insecticides available on the market; however, most of them can help you eradicate only adult individual insects while for more severe infestations, the best solution is to hire a pest control expert.

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Our professionals are capable of assessing the extent of the infestation in your homes quickly and find the most effective method for extinction of these unwanted insects.


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